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LOST #9 2023

23,36  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Forget about time. Bask in the sunlight. Walk for miles. Float in the ocean. Bury your feet in sand. Take a train that goes nowhere. Stare out the window for hours. Immerse yourself in books. Lose yourself in museums. Wander the streets aimlessly. Stay in bed all day. Listen to the endless sounds of nature.… Featured stories: Constance Chen shares the lingering taste and memories of her last carefree trip to Japan before Covid happened in “Aftertaste”; When George Brill makes a farewell visit to the Batek community before returning to England from Indonesia, the shaman insists that he undergo a healing ritual to free him from the Jinn. He recounts this experience in “Of Shamans and Ginger”; During her visit to an art museum in Rome, Tiger He gets an unexpected invitation from a volunteer to see the sea together. She shares her experiences in “Seeing the Sea in Rome”;In “The Tranquility of Nowhere”, Jin Xin meets a painter uncle in a Buddhist Temple in Bagan who offers to teach her about the method of painting known as “Sun Bake”; Michael Levy shares his adventures of working as a rock climbing guide in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam in “Cannonball”; Zilin Yee describes her experience of walking 14km by foot to Chisintang Beach and back to her hostel in “Walking in Hualien”.

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