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Like the wind #24 2020 - It's why we run

Like the wind #24 2020

It's why we run

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In May 2020, we could not avoid the huge topic of not-running – as a lot of contributions talked about the effects of the pandemic on our sport. more

We also created ‘Artists in Residences’ – a support fund for our visual artists. If you enjoy Like the Wind’s illustrations and photography, please considering contributing to the fund by buying a set of postcards – all proceeds go to our artists. In issue #24, we collect essays written from the lockdown. Some of what we are experiencing is not positive – lockdowns that have restricted our movements, races being cancelled, the inability to run with our friends and training partners. But there have also been some positives: time to reflect on why we run, finding different routes, new people discovering running for the first time. We are also attempting to understand the experience for African American runners in light of the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in the US. And alongside these features we have our usual mix of entertaining, life-affirming and moving stories from contributors around the world.

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