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Like the wind #23 2020 - It's why we run

Like the wind #23 2020

It's why we run

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When we lace up and go out for a run, it might be to add up some training miles, make time to think through a problem or simply to get away from work for an hour. more

But the act of putting one foot in front of another can be so much more than that, and once again we’re privileged in this issue of Like the Wind to be able to share stories of the power of running from all over the world. And it really is “all over the world” – our amazing contributors this issue transport us via their words and imagery to New York by night, the beautiful tropical landscape of the Azores, the south Pacific island of Aitutaki, the high altitude of Addis Ababa and the stunning trails of the Alps. Meanwhile, in the Somalian capital, ex-soldier Jody Bragger shares the inspirational story of how he founded the Mogadishu Marathon, and why it means so much to Somalian runners to carry the flag of their country.

Sold out


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