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Flaneur #1 - Kantstrasse (re-print)

Flaneur #1

Kantstrasse (re-print)

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Flaneur‘s first issue depicts Kantstraße, Berlin. Chosen by the publisher because of her personal connection to the street the issue was about taking well-known information or things taken for granted and inspecting them from a different angle. more

Though it being the first issue the reoccuring pillars of Flaneur magazine like shop and home visits, »Traces of resistance« and the observatory fragments already hold this magazine together.

Contributors: Maxime Ballesteros, Roman Barton, Frederick Canta-Pan, Hannes Caspar, Sven Eggers, Jan Ole Gerster, Sarah Illenberger, Alexandra Klobouk, Manzine, Malakoff Kowalski, Iris Neumann, Malte Seidel, Paul Sullivan, Lisa Wameling, Hella Wenders.

Sold out

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