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Berlin: On The Road Architecture

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Berlin has proved to be an active stage for all the most important social transformations since the 20th century, marking a blurred boundary between Baroque and contemporary, within which fervent cultural and intellectual seasons, plans for massive industrialization, World Wars, the establishment of schools of architecture and modern thought destined to make history have taken hold. A veritable laboratory of urban planning and architecture in continuous evolution, which still today constitutes a composite landscape of experiments in social urban planning, of mending the urban fabric between East and West. Examples of places of representation, ministries, embassies and parliament between the Tiergarten and the Spree, of redesigning public space according to the model of critical reconstruction as can be seen at Bundeshauptsadt, Postdamer Platz and Friedrichstadt to which the major exponents of international modern architecture have contributed, and of building a cultural planning whose highest expression is the Museum Island, one of the most famous museum complex in the world. The guide is a travel diary through the architecture that bears witness to the founding steps of the reconstruction of a city that contributed to the foundation of Europe as we know it today. It also contains useful information and advice which will make it easier and quicker to get around the city, making it possible to capture the essence of the place even in a short visit. This is more than simply an architecture guide: it is also and above all an invitation to travel.

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