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Pin-up Guinea Pigs

Calendar 2021

Sold out

Hi, there you cheeky little rascals. It’s us, Gin Tonic, Belissa and the other eleven showstoppers from the Pin-Up Guinea show. more

We knew you would land here, dusting off that old 2020 vibe. Ready for some well-deserved glitz and glamour for this new year. And let us tell you: we’re all here for that, honey. Month by month you will experience an increase in health, money and love, just by looking at us. Great things will happen. Many great things! We wish you a splendid new year and don’t forget to turn the page every month. It’s such a power move, XoXo

(Only vegan, animal friendly, and cruelty-free products were used. Animals were not harmed and treated with love and respect.)

Sold out


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