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Noble Rot: Wine From Another Galaxy

Dan Keeling, Mark Andrew

37,38  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew are here to celebrate the universe of awe-inspiring wine, to take you to vinous places you’ve never been before. In Wine from Another Galaxy, more

the duo behind Noble Rot magazine and restaurant give the definitive guide to tasting, ordering in restaurants, talking about wine (without sounding like a wine bore) and building your own collection. Knowing, essentially, how and where to track down the good stuff. Noble Rot has become a place of pilgrimage for wine worshippers worldwide, a buzzing and welcoming scene that sees everyone from wine buffs and collectors to film and rock stars hanging out with the vignerons and chefs who flock to the place. In this book, Keeling and Andrew aim to make wine knowledge as accessible and pleasurable as dinner in their restaurant. Wine from Another Galaxy strikes out into the unknown: rather than the big commercial wine brands with their bloated budgets, the writers explore off the beaten track, meeting extraordinary small production artisanal winemakers, unearthing delicious hidden gems and educating themselves via first-hand experiences. They’ve spent years discovering and spending time with everyone from the original thinkers of the natural wine movement to the iconic names of Burgundy and Bordeaux. They showcase the most exciting wineries from emerging destinations such as Tenerife, Santorini and Mount Etna (plus the best restaurant wine lists) along the way. All done with their signature humour, irreverence and insight.

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