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Eighty Degrees #5 2020

Eighty Degrees #5 2020

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Tea is a multifaceted subject and one can rank the many types according to countless features. In this issue, we will look at four of the most famous and highly acclaimed Chinese teas — China’s green kings.more

James Hoffmann, the coffee wizard with a soft spot for tea, helps us dissect the rivalry between coffee and tea drinkers and investigate the appeal of both beverages. ⁣Five businesses tell us about their journey through the current pandemic and what pitfalls and opportunities befell them. We explore which teas go well with which foods and how readily restaurants might onboard a proper tea menu. We take tea with a fifth-generation metal craftsman in the heart of Kyoto, visit a team of renegades in the forgotten fields of an ex-Soviet Union country, and discover high-elevation gardens in the Himalayas.


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