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Chow! 75 Selected Recipes with Notes on Table Etiquette


75 Selected Recipes with Notes on Table Etiquette

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The provinces of China are united by their love of a good meal. Each has their own specialties and methods of preparation – all of which are, of course, purported to be ‘the best’. more

Rather than attempting to cover the entirety of Chinese cuisine, this charming little book instead focuses on recipes born from melding the author’s favourite family menus with tips on traditional preparation and table etiquette as dictated by Confucius 2500 years ago. The result is an informative and delicious peek into the Chinese food culture of the early twentieth century. Requiring only minimal materials and expertise, the recipes are accessible and flavourful, while the insights into traditional Chinese eating customs will be of use for travellers hoping to dine authentically while abroad. Chow! guides the reader through the basics – how to wash rice, serve tea and make noodles from scratch – before introducing them to a variety of dishes based around meat, seafood and vegetables. Whether you seek familiar tastes or adventurous dishes, Chow! has it all: from stuffed mushrooms and fried rice to minced pigeon, crab fat with green vegetables and duck tongue soup.

Sold out


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