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Tush #54 2024

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Hollywood star Diane Kruger joins the ranks of Domitila Barros, Leonie Hanne, Kristin Drab, Stefanie Giesinger, Caro Daur, Jihoon Kim, Petite Doll, Hodan Yousuf, Nina Marker, Lara Violetta, and Emy as one of the 12 cover icons for TUSH 54, where she exclusively shares her beauty secrets in an interview. Host and erotic model Micaela Schäfer delves into philosophical musings in a lavish editorial, while Europe’s preeminent influencer strikes poses alongside sleek automobiles. The latest issue of TUSH boldly and artistically brings together international stars and celebrities, capturing their essence. Also gracing its pages are Collien Ulmen-Fernandes and Nazan Eckes, lensed by Armin Morbach. Moreover, TUSH offers exclusive insights into the realms of beauty and fashion.

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