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Tank Volume 9 Issue 6 Summer 2019

Tank Volume 9 Issue 6 Summer 2019

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Imagine you are reclining in a crowded London park beneath a blue sky full of crowded commercial airliners, page-turner in hand. Everything smells like sunscreen, but your shoulders are starting to sting. You hear the sound of an ice-cream van in the distance. more

You’re feeling a little dizzy. Maybe you need some water? With the seasons slowly melting into a permanent heatwave, our annual Summer Reader feels somewhat out of sync. It also feels more necessary than ever. When once-predictable cycles give way to chaotic feedback loops and unthinkable complexity, books are a tool for navigation and orientation. The issue is packed with fashion, features and a package deal of the very best new books, spanning Italian husband-killers, surrealist dream recipes and advice on how to do nothing.

Sold out


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