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Tank Volume 10 Issue 1 Autumn 2019

Tank Volume 10 Issue 1 Autumn 2019

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About Tank Magazine’s Gamification issue: Today, gamification is everywhere. Gaming is now the dominant cultural form, as well as the largest sector of the entertainment industry. more

Students talk about gaming exams, politicians about gaming electorates, and soldiers spend most of their time conducting war games rather than (in this case, thankfully) wars. When they do fight, it’s often remotely with drones and control consoles developed for computer gaming. It’s intriguing and not a little disturbing to think that consoles developed to help Super Mario race around a track are today used to wipe out wedding parties in the mountains of Afghanistan. Is it not inevitable that when decision-making adopts the tone of gaming, it loses its appropriate relationship to consequence? If play is essential to our development into human beings, then the contemporary habit of gamifying everything robs us of the possibility of ever becoming fully developed adults. Gaming corrodes the idea of meaning: when everything is a game, nothing really matters.

Sold out

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