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Sleek #69 2021

Sleek #69 2021

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With this edition of SLEEK #69 we wanted to re-examine what courage means and whether its meaning has changed over time. a time that is polarizing, rebellious and a pandemic still raging for most people around the world. more

It was with the sincerest effort to review the Beuys legacy and his understanding of art as a socio-political responsibility as well as the need to hear from artists whose work has been disrupted, interrupted, in some cases silenced during the pandemic. This offering ranges from interviews with Róisín Murphy and Helmut Lang; articles by film director Soleen Yusef and Max Hollein, director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and a ‘Beuys dress’ designed by Nina Hollein, and modelled by German singer and actor Lary. And then there was Jonathan Meese and Michael Breitz, who created exclusive works in response to our theme, as well as dancer Kianí del Valle, who put on a special performance, produced by SLEEK, at the Beuys exhibition now showing at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin.

Sold out

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