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Sleek #65 Spring 2020

Sleek #65 Spring 2020

10,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

For our spring ‚Glamour‘ issue, we wanted to put the concept of glamour under the microscope. It feels normal now to see a glamorous woman in fake nails and fashion that doesn’t attempt to look ‘dressed down’ talk about grooming and current affairs, more

but a decade ago, it wasn’t a combination of characteristics that many mainstream fashion publications endorsed. If you were born in the mid-Eighties, there was a real feeling that dressing up and indulging in glamour made you frivolous – something that negated intellect. Over the last few years, behaviours have changed and a new generation has transformed its attitude to glamour: now, people see it as an attribute, a platform or just something to enjoy. To gain a greater understanding about this shift in perception we selected a group of artists, photographers and writers to pick apart the theme of glamour.


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