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Rouge Fashion Book #5 2019 - Grotesque

Rouge Fashion Book #5 2019

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In issue #5 of Rouge Fashion book, named “Grotesque,” we look at how social media infiltrates the “beauty standard” into China’s young generation. With fast development of influencer economy that rigidly draws the lines between what is “pretty” and what is “ugly,” more

we challenge social norms, where we insinuate the stereotypical “Asian beauty” in order to raise awareness of certain issues especially among young generation in China. This issues consists of 4 “grotesque”bodies, the design of the book is still deliberately bizaare, the pages overlay on a fascicule, the uneven shapes are like the swelling somatic cells…this game of rebellion has no rules, anyone can be the manipulator, you might need to use your minds, rethink every story and those bizarrely tantalizing bodies.

Sold out

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Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimensions: 38 × 28 × 2 cm