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ODDA #16 S/S 2019

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ODDA Magazine explores in issue #16 the Mainstream World – With feelings and inspirations as our fundamental concepts, we maintain past, present and future as perpetually connected notions. Today, we enter the Mainstream World by means of moving masses and with inspirations of what has been and what is yet to come.more

An incredible approach and rebellion of senses all together. This issue of ODDA focuses on how mainstream can be anything and everything. Everyone has their own perception on what mainstream means, depending on their cultural background, education, friends and, as of late, social media. Featuring Adwoa Aboah, who continually pushes boundaries with her beliefs and sense of justice. She represents the inhabitant of a Mainstream World, in which mainstream means moving masses by inspiring them and making them feel different sensations all at once or the composer Frédéric Sanchez whose music transport you to another world where you can let your mind be free and many more. 

Sold out


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