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NUTS A/W 2023

Nothing, Everything

57,94  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

It shift emphasis away from big names and industry teams, favouring the quieter side of the image making and sourcing from far corners of rural and metropolitan places all over the world. NUTS is not about renown-no movers/shakers, up-and-comers, cultural figureheads, cosying up to downtown personalities, etc. It is at first glance (and at closer inspection) and incoherent slew forced onto pages using a limited toolkit: black ink, recycled paper, a single typeface, a feeling. NUTS is not a zine or a book or an archive or a glimpse of one world or mirror on the wall but it is also all of those things.



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Weight: 1,8 kg
Dimensions: 34 × 24 × 3 cm