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Metal #45 A/W 2021/22

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What future can we imagine from this uncertain present? Have we learnt anything from this two year pandemic still not overcome? Not long ago we were all locked up at home, and now we roam with Covid passport in hand, showing our vaccination cards, still wearing a mask and restrictions have even toughened in some countries. However, despite this being our present, for some strange reason that I can’t say I understand, all this seems like a thing of the past. Now that things have improved I am settled back in to the same day to day motions as always, the rush, the stress, the lack of time despite how ever much you stretch it like gum. And of course, also, the trips, the parties, the festivals, the lists of endless desires. We want our world back to how it always was, the one from before, because it suited us fine. But is that really the world we want to live in? Or should we rephrase that question as: what type of world do we need if we all want to stay alive? Just a quick note from Our World in Data: in African countries hardly 1% of the population is vaccinated, whilst in rich countries 57% of people have already got their full dose. The information is devastating and the question, inevitable. If a pandemic that has now taken more than 5 million lives worldwide, does not make us think and act, what will? Slavoj Žižek speaks in his book ‘Pandemic’ about a ‘new communism’, so we either save everyone or no-one is saved. And the historian Eudald Carbonell defends a scientific and technological revolution; which should push us towards a new paradigm putting an end to “anachronistic systems like capitalism”.

Sold out

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Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 31 × 22.1 × 2.5 cm