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Making Faces - Manon van Kouswijk

Making Faces

a jewellery playbook - Manon van Kouswijk

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Dutch artist and contemporary jeweller Manon van Kouswijk’s working methodology is based on exploring and translating archetypal jewellery forms and motifs through a range of materials and processes. more

An integral aspect of her practice is the framing and contextualising of her work through the making of exhibitions and artist’s publications. While rooted in a conceptual approach to making, her works embrace the sensual qualities of objects in their use of colour, weight, sound, rhythm, and material expression. This book, with its expressive, beaded characters of necklaces arranged as masks, suggests that if jewellery has a face, we might form an emotional connection with it.

Sold out


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Dimensions: 27.5 × 20.5 × 1 cm