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Le Mile #31 A/W 2021/22

Le Mile #31 A/W 2021/22

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The POP ISSUE takes a detailed look at some of the most thought-provoking artists across the globe; one article explores Alteronce Gumby’s explorations of limits created by cultural definitions of concepts like color, form, and value. more

By pushing beyond those limits, Gumby seeks to create space for interpretation and curiosity — the language of art that Alteronce Gumby speaks is filled with limitless thinkers and POP icons. While another delves into Russell Young’s photography-based abstract work. For some people, a 15-year career as a rock-and-roll photographer and music video director is the stuff of dreams but for Russell Young, it was just the warm-up act. A vision is uninterrupted. We asked FIREMAN BAND$ to show us in words and images what his day looks like, the hobbies he has collected, and what it means to be a fashion POP icon in the rap industry.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 30 × 24.5 × 2.5 cm