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Kontext Insight A/W 2019/20

Kontext Insight A/W 2019/20

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Kontext Insights #2 identifies BIO-SYNTHETICS – BLACKENING – REKTO/VERSO as current trends for Autumn/ Winter 2019/2020. These themes are summarised by the Kontext-Maker-Team in the formula: “It will come, what is.” This does not mean stagnation, but a pause in which one fearlessly looks at the status quo, rethinks it, pushes it forward and partly rejects it. more

The designers Martin Oberli and Cyril Gfeller have interpreted the trend theses in a video project exclusively for this issue of Kontext Insight: The film is a journey through the seasonal themes of autumn/winter 1920/2020, which captures colour, mood and materiality through analog interventions, brush strokes, the play with light and layering.
The trend booklet Kontext Insight sees itself as a working tool for designers who want to use current trend knowledge and innovations as inspiration for the coming seasons. The publication includes suggestions on color trends, materiality and print design generate concrete seasonal themes. Kontext Insight presents central research topics that can be interpreted and promoted in one’s own work.
Special feature: A color card is included.

Sold out

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