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JOIN Collective Conversation Magazine

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The JOIN Collective Conversation Magazine is the result of a JOIN Collective Clothes workshop at MA Fashion Strategy. more

During this workshop the students of generation 29 together explored topics such as ownership, identity, (intellectual) property, production methods, alienation, mystification and value creation and used the JOIN Collective Clothes manual to make a garment piece. At the end of the workshop the pieces were put together, photographed, reflected upon through text and brought together in this magazine. JOIN Collective Clothes is an initiative by fashion designer Anouk Beckers and graphic designer and art director Beau Bertens. Initiator Anouk Beckers on JOIN Collective Clothes: “What if we open up the fashion system and explore it as a non-fixed entity, a system where people can playfully join in, where everyone is invited to create fashion together?”

Sold out


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