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Jane #5 2019

Jane #5 2019

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And so, in an effort to recover the dialogue we once had with our instinctual selves and to examine the effects of the disconnect, we dedicate this issue to our intuition. To stripping back the layers, unfolding the underneath. more

To looking at what we were before we added the masks and the shields and the masquerades and the distractions, before we forget how to trust and listen to reflex and to lean on the support of community. To the abundance of knowledge that’s embedded in our bones. It is a homecoming of sorts, an invitation to trust in what we know, to trust in the rhythms and the rituals that we once relied upon. To make space for moments of spontaneity, guided by gut and instinct. To understanding that it’s all connected. We’re all connected. To coming back to yourself, stepping back in time with the rhythm. To realigning. Refocusing. Remembering.
To the sea within.

Sold out


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