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Dust #24 2023


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As we aimed to find a term with the most impact, significance, and relevance to represent the hope, aspirations, and will of these troubling historical moments we are living through, ‘Neo-idealism’ emerged as a clear choice. This term possesses a certain power, as it appears to define a new perspective — in this case, on idealism — and, by its very nature, seems to have the capacity to shift the focus from short-term gains and collective cynicism to universal ideals and consciousness. Additionally, it addresses a generational need for common ground amidst the weight of global events, a heightened state of confusion, and the extreme polarization of narratives that have turned even the most fundamental aspects of reality into sources of disagreement. As ‘Neo-idealism’ is a term we have borrowed from a new model of foreign policy ‘Based on the power of values conceived as ideals to strive for,’ its application extends much further.

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