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Document Journal #21 2023

10 Years of Independent Thought and Culture

23,36  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Comes with different covers. Document Journal is a spontaneous labuor of love; a beautiful visual stream of consciousness forged by an incredibly talented team. Each issue’s theme emerges subconsciously from complex collage of documents and their creators. With over 300 pages, this magazine is the only independent semi-annual journal in the U.S., featuring the best of each season in photography and writing. For the second half of our tenth anniversary celebration, we widen our aperture from the city outside our window to examine America as a whole—or, rather, as a labyrinth of localities, customs, and divergent perspectives that comprise the nation’s complexity. What do values like individualism, freedom, and democracy represent amid all-encompassing polarization? What are the implications of an accelerating billionaire space race, or the fragmentation of the national psyche? What is it to be American today—and where do we go from here?



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