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Dazed Beauty #0 2019

Dazed Beauty #0 2019

Sold out

Didn’t think you’d ever see Kate Moss and Travis Scott Galloping around as Centaurs in a parallel CGI Universe? Dazed Beauty issue #0 is kind of like the de facto Dazed Beauty primer: a physical version of our weird and wonderful virtual world, a celebration of our launch theme:more

the future of beauty in all its many guises. If you wonder what, for instance, happens when a beauty AI does Kylie Jenner’s make up, what’s the point of having a body or you wanna know more about Travis Scott who consolidated his status as one of the most progressive and experimental artists working in rap today with his latest album Astroworld, especially due to the accompanying album imagery by David LaChapelle – then Dazed Beauty is the right reading material for you celebrating futurism, tech and imagination.

Comes with different Covers.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 32 × 23 × 1 cm