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Altered States #2 S/A 2021

Altered States #2 S/A 2021

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Comes with different Covers.

Altered States is a printed beauty publication about cultural innovation and authenticity. A loosely arranged collage of new editorial, photo essays and archival photography, that outlines a sincere appreciation of the authentic niches and artistic experiences, within hair and beauty. Every issue is the appreciation issue…more


Douglas Irvine, Anthony Turner, Lynsey Alexander, Elin Svahn, Jordan Hemingway, Thom Walker, Nicco Torelli, Simone Mason, Katsu Naito, Mustafa Yanaz, Kuma, John Goto, Catherine Balet, Tom Johnson, Chi Wong, Ian Kenneth Bird, Elizaveta Porodina, Tomohiro Ohashi, Masae Ito, Morgane Camille Nicolas, Sonia Szóstak, Hikaru, Laura Stiassni, Soichi Inagaki, Gary Gill, Laura Vartiainen, Tom Wright, Geordie Wood, Zara Mirkin, Evanie Frausto, Samuel Bradley, Michael Harding, Hannah Elwell, Marie Bruce, Jonathan De Francesco, Chieska Fortune Smith, Kiyoko Odo, Kristina Ralph Andrews, Daniel Ciufo, Fiona Gallagher, Sarah Stedeford, Pål Berdahl, Bobana Parojčić, Sam Hiscox, Jenny Brough, Jimmy Owen Jones, Sophie Gaten, Emily Lipson, Dean DiCriscio, Kiki Gifford, François Pragnère, Chiao Chenet, Eva Wang, Gilles Degivry, Annabelle Jouot, Cyril Laine…

Sold out


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Weight: 1.8 kg
Dimensions: 34 × 24 × 2 cm