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A Magazine Reader #5

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This edition of A Magazine Reader took place during the Summer Academy of Hordaland Kunstsenter in Norway and is created in close collaboration with Hordaland Kunstsenter and Pamflett. more

This issue revolves around the various elements that are being used by the fashion media, in this case the Vogue UK August 2020, to create fashion. Through analyzing, selecting, collecting, cutting, marking, categorizing, assembling and collaging, we become aware of the many elements that are used to construct fashion. Like in issue three we explore how every possible element; perfume, facial creams, rosemary water, travel suggestions, gadgets, books etcetera, is used to create stories and myths of a future reality. These ‘stories’ are composed of so much more than garments alone, and in such a way that the joints and seams are smoothed out, turning these stories into a reality, a truth. During this workshop we disconnect the elements, break the joints, cut the seams, unravel body parts and disconnect garments from bodies, from backgrounds, objects, animals and gadgets, with the aim to create space to critically explore the construct of fashion.

Sold out


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