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What I’ve Learned

28 Creatives Share Career-defining Insights

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An advice taken from an artist approaching the twilight of their career is more treasured than one from someone still at the beginning. The former is usually more prone to self-examination and to being more open about the blunders they could have avoided, instead of only focusing on the bright side of their achievements.more

This is applicable to nearly all 27 of the featured creatives in this book, among whom are the industrial designer Ingo Maurer (85), furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita (76) and architect Tadao Ando (76). In addition to sharing a list of priceless life lessons, the interviewees comment upon some of the most pressing challenges to design at the moment, such as the struggles between the autonomy of the artist and commercial pressures, the sometimes problematic dealings with clients and the occasional feeling that the world is already overburdened with too much stuff.

Sold out


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