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Uppercase #48

Uppercase #48

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Stationery is a wondrous thing! For us creatives, there’s just something magical about pens, notebooks, paperclips, staplers, greeting cards and other paper-related goodies. more

They hold the promise of discovery and help us manifest our ideas. You might best know UPPERCASE as a publisher of books and magazines “for the creative and curious” but I actually founded my company in 2005 as a retail space for design-related art, books and papergoods (and I did freelance graphic design for arts and culture clients from the back of the store). In the early days, I produced my own line of greeting cards, handmade notebooks and sewn paper pencil cases and folders. With this first-hand experience of the challenges—and satisfaction—of making papergoods, it has been my pleasure to curate this special Guide to Stationery and Papergoods Designers & Makers and to highlight so many talented small businesses pursuing their paper-related passions. Another theme running through this issue is the notion of grids, lines and rules. Some are there to guide us, some are meant to be followed closely and sometimes it is best to break the rules altogether!



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