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TL Magazine #38 2022

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To cope with the chaotic present and to consider our pummeled planet the only way forward is the way back. Back in time, back in spirit and back in conception. Futuristic scenarios lead to more energy consumption, more outer space debris and more algorithmic confusion, a world organized amongst billionaires for billionaires, while pivotal design can be excavated from the earliest of periods to lead to the latest of futures. As archaeology from the future, this movement takes us back to our origins and explores prehistoric principles burrowing ancestor aesthetics. The mainspring of being human brings another animated creative energy which is related to the discovery of pigments, the use of found materials, the invention of alloys and the making of tools of available matter such as bone, wood and stone. Earth itself is a capital source of energy and inspiration and soil will dominate the next decades in art and design. Textiles are a vibrant witness to human ingeniousness and inspiring new wovens, as well as original looms. The impulses to create are at once functional but also decorative and even buoyant at times. The wish to embellish is embedded in people’s soul and captivated in ancestry. Inspired by a long lineage of exploration, from the inception of architecture, water works, fishing and farming, a myriad of ideas are explored while researching contemporary solutions. Humankind continues to invent colours, recycle materials, hybridise ceramics, explore new fibre and originate foods and natural remedies. Without resources new sources are born. Because the human spirit is genius it is good to recall this in troubled times, when aggression and separatism, negligence and racism, as well as rampant sexism, are at risk of taking over. To understand humankind is to grasp our basic instinct for survival and creation over the barbarian practices of today, and this may help us to remain connected by our capacity for invention and improvisation. Through the antecedents of tomorrow, studying ancient fragments of matter and mentality, the circle feels complete as we rediscover organic shapes, robust materials and archaic art. Taking inspiration from the Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow, where the role of women and hunter gatherers is seen in fully new and more positive perspectives, we believe that the ingredients to greatness lie in our past and have enough energy to design our future – for now, replacing the dramatic present.

Sold out


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