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TL Magazine #32 2019

TL Magazine #32 2019

Contemporary Applied Arts

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Celebrating 20 years of developing projects and of engagement with Pro Materia, this 336-page edition of TLmag highlights the energy and daring of the designers who throw themselves body and soul into the challenge of hand and material. more

While not exhaustive, these pages reveal some of the hidden faces in the world of contemporary applied arts who are finding their way and a special place in the field of fine arts. With passion and perseverance as a shared foundation, gesture takes the rhythm of a movement that is both manual and conceptual, pushing the limits of the possible, in search of truth and authenticity. Two covers celebrate this double anniversary: that of Pro Materia and of the 10 years of this magazine. In the metaphor of kintsugi in the women that photographer Vincent Fournier delicately repairs with gold leaf, or the plunging cliffs rising above the sea on the island of Santorini, captured by artist Jörg Bräuer, faces and landscapes become a reflection of suspended time, of a long history and of a mythology between land and sea. From East to West, from the Orient to the Occident, the rituals and know-how of excellence are passed on from generation to generation, or even between master and disciple. What is left is to appreciate the mystery of these ‘wonderful things’, the nobility of a material that lives without artifice, a lost wax cast bronze or a glass paste, the direct carving of stone, marble or wood, liquid porcelain or a clay sculpture that takes shape in the fire, or a liquid crystalline that metamorphoses into blown glass in an instantaneous choreography. In these magical moments of transformation, the material is enhanced by the hand of the designer that reaches strongly and poetically into the sometimes-vanished heart and emotion of man.

Sold out

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