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TL Mag #31 2019

TL Mag #31 2019

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Issue #31: Islands of Creationmore

“Men are not islands” wrote Nuccio Ordine in the title of one of his recent works. And yet, an island “needs words that last and that create the sky and the horizon, more blurred than the eyes of a woman, more clear than the look of a man alone”, we read in the collection “A Field of Islands” (Champs d’Îles) by Martinican author Édouard Glissant, whose vision of a “Whole-World” (Tout-Monde) is so well recounted to us by Hans Ulrich Obrist in his essay opening this edition of TLmag. If urban landscapes no longer move us, islands seem to us like an earthly paradise, perhaps lost in a flow of climate change. The disorder of the cities calls us to cross the continents, to a meeting with the immensity of seas and oceans, to an imminent departure towards the open waters and this promise of an elsewhere, a better world. The water-skimmed stones, the palm trees catching the wind and the sun, the tropical storms and rains, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset over the bay, all of this invites us to rethink our existence, in silence, as a “naked man”. While nature is at risk, the human is still very much alive. That is what the artists, designers and photographers interviewed and invited into these pages translate with their creations and in their simultaneously documentary, critical and poetic gaze, between the materiality of our planet and the fragility of the life that remains for us. After a decade, TLmag is wondering about the future, the maturity of our lands sitting upon the vast landscapes we have built ourselves. Where are the islands? They are here and elsewhere: in travel, in retirement, there where the woken dream merges with the endless horizon and the cosmos.

Sold out

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