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The Fold – Fleur van Dodewaard

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With elementary materials—wood, paper, clay, tape, paint—Fleur van Dodewaard creates ephemeral compositions that play with the possibilities of photography, sculpture, and painting. Situated at the intersection of these disciplines, her work uses photography as the final result. Questions relating to the art object, discourses about the creative process and image making, and art historical references are fundamental to her investigations. They provide the terms of an ongoing tumbling and cross-relating of old and new images, objects, ideas, and forms. THE FOLD comprises ten years of practice reshaped according to the principles of book production methods: folding, cutting, and binding. Operating like a making-of, the publication displays its structural mechanisms, revealing its artistic premises and systems of construction. Following a strict methodology, each work or series was placed on a distinctive type of paper—21 different papers in total—one work or series per printing sheet. The sheets were then folded, assembled, and cut to become the pages of the publication. Just like the yellow index section that is bound upside-down, the title is reversed on the back cover, allowing the reader to approach the publication from either direction, emphasizing the possibilities created by the chosen production system. The two different front and back covers, placed next to each other, generating a playful correlation.

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Dimensions: 29,5 × 21 × 2 cm