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A Fraction of the Whole

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Between 1953 and 1959, Luis Seoane (Buenos Aires, 1910 – A Coruña, 1979) compiled some of the illustrations and artwork that were on the covers of the books that he had worked on as a publisher and published them in three volumes: Libro de tapas (1953), Segundo libro de tapas (1957) and Figurando recuerdos (1959). These books were created while in exile, where a generation of European artists and intellectuals found shelter, and they encapsulate Luis Seoane’s contribution as an artist and a designer to the “golden age of Argentine book publishing”. Seoane’s work cataloguing the artwork on the covers of the books he published, and treating them as inventoriable pieces in three compilation books, is what inspired this project. COVERS 1. A fraction of the whole ventures into a line of work that goes back to Seoane’s compilatory effort, where the boundaries between artistic creation and editorial design become blurred.

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