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Syrup #3 2019

Syrup #3 2019

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In its most recent issue Syrup explores the idea of Power. Power is multifaceted; it can be used for or against others and yourself. It’s also the decision to feel a certain way, or to credit yourself with your own accomplishments. more

It’s structural and systematic, but also quiet and subtle. It’s the softness in the way you treat the people around you and are forgiving of yourself. Sometimes it’s in the act of listening to a song and feeling yourself get happier, or documenting that thing that happened in your own words.

SYRUP is feminist design and print platform for artists, writers, illustrators, designers, photographers and researchers to share and publish work. The publication was founded in 2016 at the Royal College of Art, Syrup aims to create a space for like minded people to highlight, discuss, and celebrate the boundaries between creative practices and intersectional feminism.


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