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Spirit of Luxury and Design

A Perspective from Contemporary Fashion and Jewellery

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The vast medium of jewelry and fashion artifact design continues to be a central pillar of fashion luxury goods industries and artistic practice, but there is a lack of discussions on the researches, value, and roles of it. Design is an expression of values and attitudes, and a tangible form of guiding the thoughts and desires of individuals and members of society. In the contemporary society, when science, technology, and craftsmanship reach a stage, whether products and services become luxurious or not, its quality, uniqueness, artistry, and rarity are all achieved through design. This book represents the articles from 20 outstanding design researchers from 11 countries, including many works from international designers, who are engaging with and pushing the boundaries of the medium. It contributes to these international debates on contemporary fashion and jewelry design while providing an accessible overview and a concise reference book.

Sold out


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