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Some Think It’s Just About Shedding Light – Foscarini 1983/2023

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The stories, the ideas, the products, in the tale of a company that has accompanied the evolution of lighting design for forty years. For some it may be simply making light. Foscarini 1983/2023 is a monograph composed of six thematic paths, each one including a critical analysis and a selection of lamps, with a review of the entire production.

“Forty years have passed, but when we turn on a new lamp it is always a novel experience. Because there is something magical about that instant in which an idea, having become an object that spreads its glow, demonstrates its light. We have discussed, studied, developed, transformed it into a prototype, imagined it together with the designer for months, sometimes even years. We think we know all about it: but the thrill that is unleashed in that fi rst moment when the electricity crosses the lamp is always truly surprising. It is the ancestral fascination with the birth of light – an immaterial material that shapes our world – which makes us still say, after forty years, that the most important lamp will always be the next one.” – Carlo Urbinati, Founder and CEO Foscarini.



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