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Sloft #3 – 2022

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Rationalizing the living space, thinking out every detail with a view to aesthetics and efficiency, in a word, doing better with less, is also a sustainable response to the challenges that urban life offers: rising prices, noise , congestion, pollution, stress… With the aim of defining a more accessible, inclusive and green city. Sloft has therefore chosen to devote itself to compact surfaces. Long treated in a marginal way or as second best, they represent, in our opinion, real laboratories where the city of tomorrow is invented by integrating its current constraints while limiting its sprawl. They offer a more intelligent, creative, respectful, sustainable and beautiful habitat. Sloft Magazine highlights the work of a new generation of passionate professionals and individuals who are committed to “better living”. Sloft Magazine aims to be both a compendium of contemporary urban life, a tool and a source of inspiration for all amateur and professional creators of inhabited spaces.

Sold out


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