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Situation #1

Magazine for Spatial Questions- Is it a Crime?

14,02  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

We have a situation.

The world is in constant crisis, or rather: crises. Meanwhile, the practices concerned with our built environment have witnessed a widening gap between the discursive and the real: two self-reinforcing loops of pre-scripted problems to be solved by prescribed solutions. Discourse refuses to be pinned down, while practice stomps on with its continuous replica of the status quo.

How did this disconnect come to be? Can we try something new? SITUATION is about the uncomfortable questions. SITUATION is about taking a position, about taking a stand. SITUATION is about knowing where you are expressing yourself from, and knowing that every point of view enables a unique perspective. SITUATION is about being aware that there is seldom only one answer to a question.



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