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Sindroms #7 2022 – Gold

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Through the Golden Sindrom, we set out to explore humankind’s eternal strive for excellence — why we long for it, and what comes with that chase. Is all that glitters gold? Or is it, more often, just the golden calf — a disillusioned ideal? Are ideals testaments to our humanity – to our hopes of being remembered, or are they merely the most vain of our common attributes? Is it human nature to “go for the gold”, and to constantly chase the unattainable? What is excellence rooted in? Is it always contoured by a constant need for more, or is it the journey towards it the very thing that defines our humanity? Exploring these questions, the edition touches upon subjects such as the notion of success and the temporary high that comes with winning, how self-improvement can become over consuming, or why the metaverse is a modern day El Dorado.

Sold out


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