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Rum International #12 2021

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For this international edition of RUM, we would like to advocate something as banal, obvious and – within the world of design – essential as the art of collaboration. more

It’s a simple constellation between people and yet such a vivid force of creativity and unified human energy, and in the past year we have truly come to appreciate the company of others and the sharing of thoughts and ideas. We have visited some of the many creative people around us and spoken to them about their collaborative creative process and how it strengthens their work, among them the Danish art collective SUPERFLEX, who actively work with the concept of collectiveness and cross-disciplinary collaborations. On the cover is one of the fantastic homes we feature in this issue, an apartment in Stockholm, where interior designer Louise Liljencrantz has worked her magic with warm mahogany against light, cloudy colours. Also, we invite you into the Copenhagen home of Danish chef Bo Bech, where immaculate craftmanship, showstopping art and a spectacular view compete for your attention. We visit architect Poul Høilund, co-founder of architectural studio Norrøn, and feel enlightened by his experimental approach to his home as a garden as well as his unique pieces of objects and furniture – a result of his close collaboration with a handful of artists.

Sold out


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