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Nature: Collaborations in Design

Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial

38,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Nature: Collaborations in Design is the companion text to the 2019 Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, Co-organized with Cube design museum. Designers today are striving to transform our relationship with the natural world. Although humans are intrinsically linked to nature, our actions have frayed this relationship, forcing designers to think more intentionally and to consider the impact of every design decision, from an artifact's manufacture and use to its obsolescence. more

As a result, designers are aligning with biologists, engineers, agriculturists, environmentalists and many other specialists to design a more harmonious and regenerative future. Based on these new partnerships, designers are asking different questions and anticipating future challenges, which not only change the design process, but also what design means.

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