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Most Touched – Über 1.000 Türgriffe aus aller Welt

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Most Touched is the largest photo collection of door handles gathered in a book to date. Design and architecture expert Barbara Glasner has collected more than 1,000 handles over several years of work. With motifs by over 100 artists, architects and designers and many of her own photographs, Barbara Glasner presents a comprehensive and unique typological compendium of an underestimated but essential architectural detail: the door handle. From the iconic handmade handle sculpture to the millionfold industrially manufactured product, universal themes such as aesthetic effect, materiality, function and ergonomics, ornamentation and patina, status and style can be read across epochs. In the book, the handles are shown next to each other on an equal footing. Following a strict graphic concept, this archival publication itself becomes a contemporary art object. To complement the visual layer, four texts by renowned authors are published on the diverse cultural facets of the door handle.

Sold out


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Dimensions: 21 × 14,5 × 5 cm