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More Is More

Designing Bigger, Bolder, Brighter

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Minimalist design has grown into a popular and timeless aesthetic due to its emphasis on uncluttered spaces and the exclusion of unnecessary elements, making it the perfect anecdote to the chaos of modern life. However, although it works across a variety of mediums—spanning visual identities and interiors—some may find its rigour and restraint too dull or lacking in character visually. As such, the maximalism movement has been gaining more and more momentum of late. Instead of extolling ‘less is more’ and paring everything down to a bare minimum, creatives are expressing themselves in bigger, bolder, and brighter ways that brim with personality. Whether it is by mixing clashing colours or matching disparate patterns and elements, MORE IS MORE is an ode to the fearless few who deftly break design rules and push the boundaries to make eye-catching statements.

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Weight: 1,1 kg
Dimensions: 25,5 × 19 × 2,5 cm