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Milk Decoration Hors Série #6 2019

Milk Decoration Hors Série #6 2019

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Milk Decoration dives in issue #6 of its hors-séries in the world of earth, clay and ceramics. A practice which is reinventing itself. Strong enough, wide enough to devote an issue to it and take a fresh and curious look at the forms of expression and faces that shape it today. more

Guided by a return to the land, to the essential, this almost spiritual culture of contemporary ceramics is embodied by a new generation of craftsmen who are emancipating themselves from traditional codes. They redefine the medium thanks to the infinite possibilities of this sensitive and natural material, and place craftsmanship at the heart of creation. To capture this evolution, the editors of Milk went to capture its modernity at its source, in the workshops of these neo-artists and craftsmen, in the interiors of the new collectors, in the radical lines of contemporary creations, but also among the iconic pieces that continue to inspire the spirit of the times.

Sold out

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