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To Think Deeper

Question #1 - Made Thought

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This journal and each conversation within it began with the same question: “How do you go deep in a shallow world?” but by placing some of the deepest thinkers we know in conversation together, the dialogue itself branched off into something much deeper and provoked many more questions about visual culture, the power of place and everything in between.more

Everything began with a conversation with two icons of “product” experience: legendary perfumer Frédéric Malle and epochal British designer Tom Dixon. Then engaged in a dialogue about “memory”, the alchemy of place and curation with acclaimed chef Skye Gyngell and travel writer David Prior. And the final connecting of minds are two “cultural” curators with Miami entrepreneur and real estate developer Craign Robins and the visionary Chief Creative Officer of Design Miami, Rodman Primack.

Sold out


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