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Jugular #2 2019

Jugular #2 2019

An antidote to boredom

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Jugular is an editorial project, a flat screen “Manifesto” characterized by a special and innovative layout. Jugular was born out of the desire to tell real and uncontaminated stories filtered through one of the keywords of the 21st century: DESIGN. more

Design as the perfect balance between shape, content and substance; where products and experiences merge to convey harmony, beauty, curiosity and emotions at sight, at touch and to the soul. We chose Jugular as the name for the Manifesto because we believe that design, art and beauty are crucial in our lives. They are the lifeblood that is needed to survive in the world, the nourishment that gives significance to our everyday life and enriches our existence, as the four veins known as jugulars do, draining blood from the head, brain, face and neck and conveying it toward the heart, thus being essential to the body. Like the veins, design, art and beauty need to be preserved, protected and elevated to continue to have an active role in society, to try to enlighten while also inspiring generations to come.

Sold out

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Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions: 33 × 24 × 2.5 cm