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here and there #14 2020

Collage Issue

Sold out

Finding a genuine urge to want to create that comes from deep within. And going against the various challenges in society, in your own way, by living your own as you create. more

That feeling you expect towards someone who is waiting at the other end, beyond the whole act of creating. I feel that we live in times where that kind of experience and emotion become more and more precious. “Collage is a way to individually go against conventional time, values, history and rules. It is to resist a much larger force with the accumulation of smaller actions.” These are the words of Teppei Kaneuji, an artist who defines his art as a collage of different medias of expression, and who redefines the very act of making collages.

here and there #14 will present the Collage issue, introducing the makers of things, who are the pioneers involved in the creative practice of making things in various fields.

Sold out


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Dimensions: 30 × 21 × 0,8 cm