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Håndvaerk – Issue #9

the interior issue

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This HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 9 has interiors as its theme and invites you inside the studios and workshops where the things in our homes take shape.

In the bookazine, you will meet glassblower Alexander Kirkeby, who graduated just a few years ago and has already made a name for himself in the international design scene. You will also meet another recent graduate, ceramic artist Heidi Lillevang, who experiments with stucco, and stucco worker Peter Funder, who has 35 years’ experience.

In the bookazine, in the article titled ‘In collaboration’, architect Desislava Lynge says, ‘An interior can be magical, whether it is minimalist or chaotic or has books and art from floor to ceiling, as long as it reflects the people who live there.’ She adds that if she were to point to a single key feature, apart from the life inside a house, it would be the influx of daylight.

Light is also a key topic for lighting designer Fie Paarup, who has launched a successful production of unique curtains sewn from vintage and surplus textiles. I met with her to talk about curtains and the life inside a house.

Textile is also the natural choice of material for Sia Hurtigkarl and Tanja Kirst. Each in their way, from their respective points of view and with very different expressions, they both work with woven rugs as their medium.

In addition to rooms, furniture, curtains and rugs, stucco, ceramics and glass, the upcoming issue of the bookazine maintains a parallel focus on how we become who we are and how we engage with and speak about ourselves, each other and our practices.

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